Wynn Casinos Double Profits

Wynn Macau Casinos Double ProfitsOne of the newest gambling hot spots, Macau, is continuing to rise in both popularity and profits. Located close to Hong Kong, the special administrative region of China, is the home for a growing number of Las Vegas based casinos. Wynn Macau is just one of the Las Vegas hotel and resort mega casino’s to set up shop in the city.

The Wynn Corporation currently has two different Macau locations. Since the opening of their second location, the casino has doubled its yearly profits. The numbers that have been reported show the profits increasing from 2.07 billion dollars up to a 4.42 billion dollars when measured in the Hong Kong currency.

The profit for the last year was over five hundred million dollars in US currency. Encore Macau is the name of Steve Wynn’s newest casino, and opened in April of 2010. Not even open for a full year, the additional casino was the main catalyst for the increased profit margin.

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