There’s More Driving Revenue than Casinos in Macau

Casino revenue isn’t the only money that drives Macau according to a cover story of a Macau Business Magazine.  There are also other forms of revenue such as sports events, horse races, dog races and lotteries that are generating a good 23 %.

Macau Casinos

There is also a green initiative taking place in Macau that is set to reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity consumption.  As most businesses, restaurants and casinos are open all night, saving on ac and lighting will save Macau millions each year.

This initiative along with other revenue streams will continue to bring in profits for Macau in 2011.  Also with more Chinese visitors to the luxurious city as well as gamblers from all across the world, the figures should continue to remain high despite first quarter earnings that are seemingly sluggish.  Tourism is expected to rise this year as there are a number of world poker and gambling events scheduled later this year.

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