One Of Las Vegas’ MGM’s Top Executives Headed For Retirement

J. Terrance Lanni (who is 65) and a top executive with MGM is headed for retirement at the end of November. The news does not come as a surprise as he was even planning for a possible retirement at this time last year. Lanni is ready to step down from his role and let someone from a younger generation take the ropes and lead the way.

After a long career with MGM, Lanni is ready to take some time to himself and his family. Also, when asked in a recent Las Vegas interview Lanni said that he believes that most of the challenges that are facing the MGM brand and company today would be better resolved with a younger mind and someone that was part of those seeking Las Vegas entertainment today.

While Lanni is leaving other execs and majority share holder Kirk Kerkorian with a good taste in their mouths, he is also leaving them at one of the worst financial times that Vegas and the entire American economy has ever faced.

MGM, as well as many other Vegas based shares are at the lowest of lows and resorts have not experienced such a scarce amount of visitors in a very long time. The only light at the end of the tunnel seems to be that of the next train crash. Lanni’s successor will have a great challenge ahead of him as he faces a down-turning and the lack of visitors in Las Vegas.

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