Macau, the Asian Las Vegas

While many people in western culture would not know where Macau is, it is well known throughout Asia. A small island territory off of the coast of China, Macau is known as the Asian Las Vegas. The territory was originally a Portuguese colony for many years until recently given back to the People’s Republic of China.

Hong Kong and Macau

Gambling is the main attraction in Macau, having been a legal activity since the early 1900’s. While the region started off offering traditional Chinese and European gambling, it has since become more westernized. Many of the major gambling moguls of the Las Vegas Strip have set up shop. In most cases these hotels and casinos are making a higher profit than their Las Vegas counterparts.

Casinos and the Vegas Strip

Some of the hotels and casinos that are based off of resorts on the Vegas strip include the Macau Venetian, MGM Grand Macau and the Macau Wynn Resort. The Macau resorts offer similar amenities as the Vegas resorts, although the hotel capacity is usually lower and the gambling floors more extensive. This is because Macau is widely known as a day trip location, rather than an overnight trip.

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