Hong Kong Gambling Location

Macau is a special region of the Republic of China, much like Hong Kong and has had legalized gambling since the middle of the 19th century. Currently, gambling as well as tourism makes up a very large portion of the revenue produced by this territory.

Macau Hotel Hong Kong

Many of the gamblers that come to Macau Hotels and Casinos are from inland China and Hong Kong, although there is some international tourism as well. Many of the casinos only played Chinese style gambling games until around the 20th century when more Americanized games began to be seen.

The gambling revenue of the Las Vegas strip has come in second to the yearly revenue generated by Macau Casinos for the past 3 years. In addition to gambling games, horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting are all available. The government reports over 200 gambling houses are being run, and each are required to pay “rent” to the Chinese government.

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