Macau Hotels and Casinos More Successful Than Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos?

Macau, a territory of China, is a well-known gambling location for those located in and around Asia. It is much like the Vegas strip with a number of larger casinos extravagantly built surrounding the area.

Macau Hotels

Although it started off as featuring Chinese gambling games, the city slowly became more westernized and common American gambling games were featured. As popularity of the gambling location grew, and the government lessened restrictions on the gambling monopoly, many American casinos set up shop, increasing the annual gambling revenue further.

Sands Las Vegas Hotels

There are currently 6 different American subsidiaries located in Macau. These include well-known companies such as Wynn Resorts Macau Hotel, Sands Las Vegas Macau Hotel and MGM Mirage Macau Hotel. It was in 2007 when Macau gambling revenue exceeded the gambling revenue of Las Vegas and Las Vegas Hotels due to increased accessibility for Hong Kong residents by way of water transport as well as an increased number of casinos and gambling opportunities.

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