The Venetian

Macau currently has 33 different casinos which are both Chinese operated and American operated gambling institutions. All of the casinos operate under the same set of rules which was created and are implemented by the government.

Venetian Hotel

The largest of the casinos is the Venetian Macau Hotel, based off of the very famous Venetian hotel located on the Las Vegas strip. The hotel was opened in 2007 and has over 550,000 square feet of gambling space which is made up of 4 different themed rooms, the Golden Fish, the Imperial House, the Red Dragon and the Phoenix.

Venetian Casino

In addition to the gaming space the casino offers the largest hotel accommodations in the area, boasting over 6000 hotel rooms on thirty different floors. Another unique aspect of the Macau Venetian is the Cirque du Solei show that is offered year round in the theater built especially for the specific show.

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