Galaxy Waldo & the StarWorld

While much of Macau is now covered in westernized casino and gambling resorts, there are still many that represent Asia. One of the largest is the Galaxy Waldo, a Hong-Kong owned organization that opened early in the 21st century. This is a smaller casino when compared to the Wynn Resort and the Venetian.


The Galaxy Waldo offers only 83 slot machines and 23 public gaming tables. The company also owns the StarWorld hotel and casino which boasts a much larger gambling floor. The StarWorld has over 300 slot machines and 140 gaming tables and in addition to that will have 100 exclusive VIP rooms. The hotel portion of the casino will have over 600 hotel rooms.

Galaxy Macau

The Galaxy Macau corporation plans on adding one more resort to their line up. It is planned on being named the Cotai Mega Resort and will be the last of the series. Galaxy Macau is a major player in the Macau gambling community.

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