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Macau Casinos and Tours

We just got back from our yearly trek out to Macau to play at the casinos. The weather was less than what we would have wanted, but it gave us a great excuse to stay in the casinos and in our hotel rooms. We take our own advice and always book ahead, so we had tours lined up just so we could see the sites of Macau when we were taking a break from playing in the casinos.


This year, the tours seemed to be taken up a notch so to speak. Macau, as everyone knows, is flush with cash and it looks like that cash is being used to train not only in hospitality but also in pizzazz. Each year we have gone to Macau, the tours of the local area were probably the most lacking in that Macau feel, the tours were less about showmanship and more about history and seeing the sites. That has obviously changed this year.

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The tours in Macau generally have a more rustic feel to them than that of a 24 hour casino city. This year though, the tour companies have taken it to a whole new level. The tours were more concerned this year with the comfort of their passengers. One year, we went on a tour with no air conditioning. It wasn’t the most pleasant tour. This year, not only was the air conditioner working, it was a brand new vehicle with custom seats made for comfort with lumbar support. It was good to see that some of the money that Macau sees from gambling is making it to the rest of services that support the city. We can definitely recommend going on the excursion tours and rounding out your Macau Casino Vacation with some culture and local flavor.

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