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macau casinosMacau casinos are known for bringing in the high rollers, even more so than Las Vegas. If high rollers go to Las Vegas to gamble, then the mega-high rollers are only found in Macau Casinos. The largest casino located in the city is the Sands Macau.

China continues to put money into Macau because the benefits of bringing international travel to the casinos is a tremendous boon to the Chinese economy. More travelers from across the globe are expected to go to Macau this year.

One Las Vegas High Roller, Dunston Travers stated “There’s money to be had in Macau, the people are nice, never met anyone friendlier to an American than the people in Macau.” The general consensus is that the city offers extreme hospitality, great food and beautiful casinos. There is a large American Casino presence in the city. Some of the famous names of casinos seen on the strip in Las Vegas can also be found in here.

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