King of Macau Casinos, Stanley Ho

Stanley Ho

King of Macau, Stanley Ho, the billionaire gambling tycoon who is now eighty nine has recently been the subject of some controversy. Most of the controversy surrounds family matters regarding his estate, however, the company seems to be doing well despite concerns from interested parties in the Hong Kong government about the possible affects of this controversy.

Macau Casinos and Hotels

Stanley Ho is largely responsible for the incredible casino market in Macau that has made Macau the world’s largest gambling market and bringing in four times more cash than Las Vegas. Stanley Ho originally held monopoly rights to all gambling in the Portuguese colony in the early sixties. Since then, Mr. Ho has created a lavish casino empire and has Macau one of the greatest destination spots for gamers from all over the world.

Gambling in Macau Casinos

As these family matters are handled, Mr. Ho remains dignified and continues to provide excellent entertainment to visitors of Macau. The Macau gambling market generated over 23 billion last year so Mr. Ho must be doing something right. While he no longer controls monopolies in gaming, now sharing the industry with top name American casinos, he still holds a major stake in the industry.

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