High Roller Baccarat

Macau’s Casinos have been profitable since 2005 and are still blazing a trail of economic growth.

Macau Resort

As a popular day trip for the Chinese and a popular resort visit for Americans and Australians, Macau has quickly surpassed Las Vegas and any other gambling cities in the world.

High Roller Baccarat

In a recent article by the Washington Post, it is explained that may Chinese see gambling as an investment. Some feel that putting their money in the bank, “which offers less interest than the rate of inflation,” as not wise investing. Many Chinese feel that investing is a form of gambling and the other way around too.

VIP Hotel Rooms Macau

The favorite game in Macau is of course, Baccarat. Many high rollers visit to play the game and stay in VIP rooms. High rollers visit from China, Australia and the United States each year and are treated as a form of royalty in the casinos and hotels.

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