High Court of HK, Lawsuits Vs. Gamblers

The Venetian Macau casino that is owned by Sheldon Adelson, the U.S. billionaire is legally pursuing two high rollers who used to play at the casino. One of these high rollers is one of China’s parliament delegates. The casino is suing them for gambling debts that amounted up to HK$34 million which translates into 4.4 million U.S dollars.

The casino filed two separate lawsuits in the High Court of HK earlier this week. The first lawsuit is filed against Zou Yunyu, a businesswoman from Shanghai, the casino is seeking to recover her gambling debts that amounted up to HK$23 million. As for the other lawsuit, it is filed against the parliament delegate, Xie Xiaoqing for the recovery of over HK$11 million. According to the casino, the two gamblers asked the casino for money & borrowed it in gaming chips and never paid back.

The Chinese VIP casino gamblers go to Macau for their gambling needs due to the fact that the Island of Macau is the only place in the country where gambling is legal. Although this helps increasing the revenues for the island’s casinos, since it is the only place that offers legal gambling services, they have to run their business with the risk of losing their debts.

This is because as soon as the gamblers who borrowed money from the casino return to China, the casinos will not be able to recover these debts because the Chinese courts do not recognize such debts.

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