Ferry Hong Kong to Macau Macau to the Rest of the World

There are fleets of ferry vessels to Macau but thousands of others have to fly in. Plane fares are becoming cheaper to Macau and in some cases you can find some great rates that are comparable to a trip to Vegas.

Macau Macau

Macau Macau, the new Vegas, the place where people go to gamble and enjoy an exotic vacation. Macau has become one of the world’s best vacation spots and there’s no wonder why.

Hong Kong

If anything in this world is shared by anyone it is the need to get away. The desire to leave Hong Kong, New York or Sydney and travel somewhere exotic, fun and just away from home. Macau is that place for millions of people each year. This travel destination is one of the most exciting and affordable places in the world to just get away from everything and enjoy life, enjoy a vacation in Macau and relax.

Ferry Hong Kong to Macau

Not all of us have the luxury of hopping on taking the ferry Hong Kong to Macau route, but airfare has come down recently and it is becoming more feasible to make cheap travel arrangements to Macau from the US and UK.

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