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Macau Package Tours

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Macau Casinos

Visit Macau

Visitors to Macau are arriving in increased numbers and many of them are travelling in package tours.  Macau recently made several business arrangements with travel brokers from all over the world to include package vacations in their main offerings and so far it is showing some great results.  US travelers to Macau have increased greatly as have visitors from Taiwan, India and South Korea.

Macau Package Tours

Macau package tours often are all inclusive and include the finest hotels and restaurants as incentives to travelers.  Macau is quickly becoming a vacation destination for people from the UK, the United States and Australia.  It’s no wonder, because it has beautiful scenery, incredible Las Vegas Style casinos and some of the friendliest people in the world.

Airfare to Macau

Because airfare to Macau can be so expensive for some in the United States, a Package Tour can really save money.  By travelling and purchasing package tours in a large group, there are significant savings to be found.

If you are interested in Package Tours check with local travel agents or online to find some of the best prices around.  You can also find some terrific deals by speaking with the managers of the Macau casinos and the Hotels.

Macau, the Next Hot Spot

Friday, April 15th, 2011

tours of macauMacau is the up and coming next new hot spot! It offers a pick from many beautiful hotels, casinos, shows, you name it. This is obviously great for the night life, but there are many things to do during the day as well. This is not only a place that adults would enjoy; it can be a great family vacation destination.

There are numerous hotels to choose from, fitting everyone’s budget. The casinos are just as grand and wonderful as those in Las Vegas and there are many shows for people to view. The shows may not quite yet be up to par but they will get there over time.
Another wonderful reason to visit Macau is that it offers great shopping! Who doesn’t love to shop? It is a known fact that the people that go on the tours have so much fun that they do not go see the shows normally. Why not rethink that next dream vacation?

Macau Vacation

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

macau hotels four seasonsThe term Macau vacation probably doesn’t come to anyone’s mind when they think about a dream vacation, but maybe it should. The casinos are comparable to those that are located in Las Vegas and the scenery surrounding is just as beautiful as most places in Europe. Macau keeps continuing to flourish; in a few years this is going to be the next top hot spot.

Macau Hotels offer top of the line luxury and even inexpensive ones, something suitable for everyone’s pocket. Not only are they beautiful the amenities and second to none. This destination isn’t just hopping at night time! There are many things to do during the day as well.
As far as the casinos that Macau has to offer, many offer the same as the casinos in Vegas because the same people helped create them. These casinos also offer different styles of gambling, again keeping everyone’s best interest in mind. There are also many shows available to watch if people aren’t there for the gambling.

Casinos and Gambling

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

macau casinosMacau casinos are known for bringing in the high rollers, even more so than Las Vegas. If high rollers go to Las Vegas to gamble, then the mega-high rollers are only found in Macau Casinos. The largest casino located in the city is the Sands Macau.

China continues to put money into Macau because the benefits of bringing international travel to the casinos is a tremendous boon to the Chinese economy. More travelers from across the globe are expected to go to Macau this year.

One Las Vegas High Roller, Dunston Travers stated “There’s money to be had in Macau, the people are nice, never met anyone friendlier to an American than the people in Macau.” The general consensus is that the city offers extreme hospitality, great food and beautiful casinos. There is a large American Casino presence in the city. Some of the famous names of casinos seen on the strip in Las Vegas can also be found in here.

Galaxy Misses Profit Target

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Galaxy Macau CasinosIt was back in 2006 when the small island of Macau surpassed Las Vegas in gambling and gaming profits. Since then the special administrative region of China has continued to increase profitability. However, the profits are larger for some than for others.

The Galaxy Entertainment Group, who operates the Galaxy Macau and other small gambling institutions, did not quite meet their forecasted profits. The company, which is responsible for the control of just shy of 15 percent of the entire gaming market, presented a decline in the past year. Representatives are blaming the decline in profit to accounting changes that were made.

Galaxy has reported that the year 2011 should show significant improvement in profit. The accounting changes blamed were only a one-time change, and should no longer affect their forecasted income. The company also plans on opening a new casino resort in the middle of May this year, which will boost profits.